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1 Hotel South Beach 🥥 (Miami)

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

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I stayed at the 1 Hotel in South Beach–a sustainable luxury hotel with prime beachfront views. The hotel is located off Collins Avenue. You may already know that Miami is famous for their iconic hotels 🏨 and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, who was previously spotted partying at the best rooftop bar at the 1 Hotel called Watr🌊, which features a Peruvian-Japanese fusion + exquisitely refreshing cocktails🍹 with a Latin twist. The rooftop at Watr occasionally has FUN events so plan your trip accordingly & buy tickets beforehand. I once went to their Halloween event and it was a blast. They are also the only oceanfront rooftop pool in South Beach!🏖️

1 Hotel South Beach (Miami)

The 1 Hotel brand is a chic, eco-luxe experience where everything is inspired by nature 🌳 and minimalism. They collaborated with eco-friendly architects which involved sustainable and elegant designs with low impact. Its mission-led philosophy is what sets it apart from most hotels. Every single element of the hotel was well thought out with a green mindset🍃.

From the interior design, outside design, construction materials, and use of reclaimed woods🪵 and recovered materials by inventing ways to repurpose plastics that are non-recyclable. That alone is unique in itself. Sustainable hotels that put the environment in 1st place🥇 won't save the planet 🌎 but can influence other hotels to change their old habits in hopes to trigger a healthier environment for people and for our precious planet. Experiencing this was exciting because I have a background in renewable energy.

Beautiful Location at 1 Hotel South Beach

Beautiful View at 1 Hotel South Beach

My experience there was captivating. They have four swimming pools, an award-winning Wellness Spa, insanely healthy 🥗 dining and snacks, and a cool Anatomy gym💪🏼. The hotel room was around 600 sq ft, the bed 🛏️ had organic cotton sheets, hangers in the closet made from recycled ♻️ paper, and a room equipped with water filtration in every faucet. There's also an espresso machine with organic coffee ☕included. The interior design of the room has the most beautiful marble walk-in shower and a wraparound couch with unobstructed views from the entrance of the room. The layout of the room had a glass wall that separated the bathtub 🛁 from the bedroom. The room is airy, sophisticated, & peaceful 😌

The pool area is lively as well as laying out on the sand. I even met a local who was tanning next to me. She was sweet. I recommend going to this resort for the unique experience & elegance. But please go when theres some sunshine, it brings a burst of positive energy. It is hard to capture all the beauty of this place but hopefully this gives you an idea. I do enjoy the hot ☀️ and humid weather as it is bearable for me. I hope you guys found this review helpful! ❤️🍃 What hotel should I experience next? Let me know by commenting below!



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