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Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn has always been my go-to hotel every time I visit Las Vegas. Everything you can ever imagine there is impeccable. Its like a fairy tale 🧚 you'll have to experience for yourself.

Interior Design & Wynn Rooms:

As soon as you walk in your jaws will drop. Everything is luxury from the mosaic flooring to the stunning light fixtures 💫. Its like a classy elegant Disneyland for luxury lovers & poker players 🃁♠️. Everything is large and lavish including the beautiful hotel rooms, suites, and villas. I truly enjoy staying in the standard room in the main hotel (resort elevators) because even with the regular rooms its pure luxury & class. I do however love 🖤 to book at the more private area called the Tower Suites. The junior suite is my favorite room because the living room is very large, the interior design is a bit more unique from the standard main rooms, and it has a giant mirror on the ceiling. Its the little features that make it such a fabulous stay.

Now for the incredible restaurants:

Jardin: Best for breakfast & for those who are health nuts 🥜, along with a casual setting and pool view. Favorite dish is the Hass avocado toast 🥑. They also have house-made juices with my favorite being the Morning Energizer which includes ginger 🫚, pineapple 🍍, apple 🍏 & carrot 🥕. Be sure to get your reso ahead of time because it is always booked!

Lakeside: Great for dinner, this stunning restaurant is pure entertainment—they literally have a show called the Lake 🏞️ of Dreams ☁️ while you dine— it is this multimedia experience involving art 🎨, music, backdrops, insane visuals ✨, lights ⭐, and even flying figures! You HAVE to see it for yourself. Now for the dinner: its always on point. Favorite dish is the Hawaiian Snapper, Maryland Crab Cakes 🦀, & Boneless Ribeye 🥩.

Mizumi: Perfect for Sushi 🍣 Lovers and Teppan 🍚 Lovers!! Please note that this spectacular, stunning restaurant is temporarily closed. They are currently renovating & will reopen at the end of 2023. The menu will remain the same. ALL the fish is supremely fresh 🐟 and MELTS in your mouth. I will truly miss the Red 🧧 and Black 🏮colored theme of the restaurant however I am super excited to see the newly updated look! Favorite dishes: Hamachi Belly, Sashimi platter🥢, Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice, & the Wagyu 🥩 cubes. If you are going with your romantic lover ❤️, I do recommend sitting right by the waterfall (only if the weather is great), there is a minimum $ to sit there but its totally worth it & you'll thank me later!

Delilah: If you are looking for a fun, wild night🥂—look no further. The vibe is from the roaring '20s 🎞 and you feel like your'e living in the past all while indulging in extravagance 🍸. It feels surreal due to the decor, glamour, gold features & gold fixtures. It seriously feels like you are walking into a movie 🎥. Plenty of celebrities like Drake, Justin Bieber, & Beyoncé have been spotted multiple times dining here. This re-imagined place is difficult to get into for dinner specifically, and has amazing live music 🎷. If you are trying to have dinner be sure to book at least a month in advance! Otherwise, enjoy yourself at the plush lounge/bar area upstairs.

Every time I'm here its amazing. There's the The Awakening show, comedy shows, luxury malls, and so much more! The Wynn Spa, pool, and clean gym. The Wynn Hotel is no where near standard, its pure luxury. It is by far, the winning hotel for me. You can book your stay here. Let me know about your magical 🪄✨stay in the comment section below!



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